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In today's world, the largest and most extensive assortment of baseball gloves and related items is on eBay. The only issue with eBay is finding the glove you want among the hundreds of thousands of other items on their web site. This Web Site is authorized by eBay and employs a specialized software program to extract all the baseball gloves and related items currently being sold and lists them for you in an easy to find format. Clicking any of the listings on this website will transfer you to that exact listing on the main eBay site.

A Brief History of the Baseball Glove

To most, a baseball glove seems like it has always been part of the game. However, the baseball glove wasn't introduced until the 1870s, though the game had been around since as early as 1744. As a result of the lack of protection the glove offered, players' hands were often bruised and injured. Given the nature of the game, and the abuse an unprotected catching hand could and would take, it is not surprising that the glove eventually came into popularity. However, in the beginning, the notion of using a glove was regarded as demeaning to the sport.

Charles Waitt donned his glove in 1875 and is the first known player to have used a glove. His glove was very different from the baseball gloves of today, however. Waitt's glove was flesh colored, in order to be as inconspicuous as possible, with a large hole on the back that served as ventilation, and the fingers of the glove were not webbed. The function of this glove was to protect the hand, rather than to assist in catching the ball.

When Waitt originally donned his glove, he was ridiculed and considered weak for wishing to protect his hand. Waitt himself was embarrassed to wear a glove, but considered protecting his hand a more important goal than protecting his pride. Over the next few years, however, protective gloves slowly became more popular, though they were still different from today's glove. Albert Spalding, who went on to create the sporting goods company Spalding, helped bring about the popularity of the baseball glove. Spalding, a pitcher, first wore a glove in 1877, and by this point, he was famous enough that his use of the glove did not meet the same disdain that Waitt faced. Spalding chose not to try and disguise his glove, as Waitt did. Instead, he selected a black glove, rather than Waitt's flesh colored glove.

As its popularity developed, the glove's style and function developed as well. One early design for the glove was fingerless, to allow for full function of the fingers. The glove didn't gain any webbing in the fingers until 1920, when Bill Doak first suggested it. Webbing was added between the thumb and first finger, and this design became standard. From this point on, the glove grew in size, morphing from the lightly padded hand sized glove to the large, padded and webbed gloves of today.

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