Stealth Speed

Easton Stealth Speed Gloves

The Easton Stealth Speed Series Mitts are made from soft professional grade USA tanned "Wheat" steer hide, which is some of the most durable leather on the market. Every glove in the Stealth Speed Series features the patent pending Ideal Fit system, this helps give a great fit and make the glove comfortable on the hand and easy to use. The Ideal Fit uses a contoured index finger channel to combine the comfort of an open back glove with the control of a closed back glove. The USA tanned rawhide lacing gives strength and durability to all the laces with a tested tensile strength of 100 lbs. The all leather lining and finger stalls make the glove incredibly comfortable and easy to put on. With the Lock Down adjustable quick binding system, each Stealth Speed glove will have a custom fit.

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