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Louisville Slugger Baseball Gloves

Some 120 years have passed since Bud Hillerich crafted that very first bat for Pete Browning. During that time, Louisville Slugger has sold more than 100,000,000 bats, making it without question the most popular bat brand in baseball history. Louisville Slugger continues to dominate the game in both wood and aluminum bat categories. 60% of all Major League players currently use Louisville Slugger. And in the past decade, seven national college baseball champions hammered their way to the top with Louisville Slugger TPX bats. In recent years, Louisville Slugger has gone far beyond bats, providing performance technology in the form of fielding and batting gloves, helmets, catchers' gear, equipment bags, training aids and accessories. In addition to its on-field performance products, Louisville Slugger offers personalized, miniature, commemorative and collectible bats.

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Louisville Slugger Genesis 1884 Series 95 RHT Leather Baseball Glove YOUTH
Time Remaining: 1h 4m

baseball glove 9 1 2 Louisville Slugger Genesis 1884
Time Remaining: 1h 22m

Louisville Slugger LF1300 13in Baseball Softball Mitt Right Throwing Glove Z1
Time Remaining: 3h 55m

Louisville Slugger Womens 125 Series Tan Leather Baseball Glove LH BRAND NEW
Time Remaining: 6h 52m

Louisville Slugger TPS Helix THXY 1150 115 Baseball Glove Right Hand Thrower
Time Remaining: 7h 59m

Louisville Slugger TPX 1175 Infield Baseball Glove RH Throw NEW Lists 150
Time Remaining: 10h 38m

Louisville Slugger TPX 1175 Pitcher Baseball Glove RH Throw NEW Lists 150
Time Remaining: 10h 46m

Louisville Slugger 11 Baseball Glove LHT Helix TPX HXY1102 Black Brown Used
Time Remaining: 10h 50m

Louisville Slugger TPX 1175 Pitcher Baseball Glove LH Throw NEW Lists 150
Time Remaining: 10h 54m

VINTAGE HB Louisville Slugger Super Daddy Softball Baseball Glove SLG7 13In RHT
Time Remaining: 11h 34m

Louisville Slugger TPX 1125 Infield Baseball Glove RH Throw NEW Lists 150
Time Remaining: 12h 13m

Louisville Slugger Baseball Glove 2017 Omaha 1175 Inches RHT BRAND NEW
Time Remaining: 12h 48m

LOUISVILLE SLUGGER DY1201 12 Baseball Softball Right Hand Throw Glove Mitt
Time Remaining: 12h 54m

Louisville Slugger Dynasty Baseball Glove RHT 115 DYRB17115 BRAND NEW
Time Remaining: 13h 3m

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