Mizuno Franchise Series Gloves

The Franchise series has grown to be Mizuno’s most popular line of gloves. Specific to the Franchise series is the new Hi-Low lacing system. The Hi-Low system increases flexibility throughout the web while maintaining structure. You will also find the new Adjust-A-Size wrist closure which makes a personalized fit for any size hand possible. By incorporating ParaShock and PalmSoft technologies within this glove, rest assured that ever step is being taken to help protect your hand when catching the ball. The ParaShock palm pad absorbs the shock of repeated use providing outstanding protection with ideal comfort. Then the PalmSoft incorporates padded pigskin in the palm of the glove for increased comfort and feel. If you are serious about performance, get serious with the Franchise Series.

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Mizuno Franchise Series GFN 1200B1 12 NWT RHT
Time Remaining: 15h

New Mizuno Franchise Mitt GXF90B2 1250 LH ThrowerFirst Basemans Glove
Time Remaining: 1d 4h 11m

MIZUNO MFR1200 Franchise series for a lefty 12
Time Remaining: 1d 10h 45m

Mizuno Franchise Utility Mittens Coffee Cork 13 Left Hand Throw USED
Time Remaining: 1d 13h 46m

MIZUNO Franchise 125 Left Hand Throw First Base Glove Leather Mitt GXF 92
Time Remaining: 1d 15h 7m

Mizuno Franchise GXF 92 Leather Brown First Base Mitt Glove RHT 1250
Time Remaining: 1d 18h 6m

MIZUNO MZ3602D Left Hand 13 Franchise Professional Series Softball Glove
Time Remaining: 2d 6h 10m

MIZUNO MFR 1250 Franchise Leather Baseball Glove Mitt 125 RHT NICE
Time Remaining: 2d 12h 39m

MIZUNO FRANCHISE Catchers Glove Mitt MFR C011 Professional Model Right RHT
Time Remaining: 2d 12h 51m

Mizuno Franchise GXS90F3 Fast pitch Catchers Mitt RHT
Time Remaining: 2d 16h 15m

Mizuno RHT Franchise Series Fastpitch Model Softball Glove 13 GFN 1300F1
Time Remaining: 2d 22h 45m

Mizuno Franchise MFR1303T Baseball Softball 13 Leather Glove Mitt RHT Pro Model
Time Remaining: 3d 7h 37m

Mizuno Franchise Baseball Glove Catchers GXC93 Mitt 3350 PRO SCOOP
Time Remaining: 3d 15h 6m

Mizuno Franchise Mitt GXF90B2 1250 Left Hand ThrowerFirst Basemans Glove
Time Remaining: 3d 15h 46m

Mizuno 13 Franchise Series GFN1300F3 Fast pitch Softball Glove 312717
Time Remaining: 3d 19h 24m

Mizuno Franchise MFR1303T Baseball Softball 13 Leather Glove Mitt RHT Pro Model
Time Remaining: 4d 8h 16m

mizuno GFE 1400 Franchise Excel baseball LHT glove LEFTY
Time Remaining: 4d 8h 54m

Mizuno GXF90B3 Franchise Series Baseball First Base Mitts 125 left hand
Time Remaining: 4d 12h 14m

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