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Mizuno Pro Limited Series Gloves

Capitalizing on 100 years of glove making experience and innovation, Mizuno has developed the world's best ball glove: the Mizuno Pro Series, with cutting edge 4D Technology. Mizuno extensively researched the dynamics of catching, using data from the best players in the game, and created position-specific ball gloves, delivering the ultimate in performance for each position. The 4D Technology is position specific reinforcements that allow greater grip strength and transfer of energy from your hand to the ball. The pressure points were determined by position, utilizing data from the best players in the world. These pressure points, coupled with the ultimate in feel and softness of Japanese tanned Deguchi leather, create the best feeling and most functional gloves possible. The Deguchi leather offers the softest feel and most durable leather available. Limited hide utilization ensures that only the best sections of each hide are used in production of each Mizuno Pro glove. Deguchi leather is much softer and more flexible than previous Mizuno Pro leathers yet has higher tensile strength enabling the best of both worlds. The Deguchi leather has a game ready feel with long lasting durability.

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