Nokona Walnut Series Gloves

These gloves are part of the Nokona Classic Series. They are made from a lightweight yet sturdy Walnut Leather which is extremely durable and soft and yet very strong. This smooth, hardy leather stands to the play of professionals. This leather gives a plaint yet dependable feel. The finger and thumb loops inside provide full control for the fielder. Nokona has always had the reputation of producing top of the line, durable and dependable gloves and the Walnut Series is no different. This glove was hand made in the USA in Nocona, Texas. Nokona: American Made for American Played!

Nokona Walnut 12.5 Inch W-V1250 Fastpitch Softball Glove
Sale Price: $235.84 - $239.99

Nokona Walnut 32.5 Inch W-V3250 Fastpitch Softball Catcher's Mitt
Sale Price: $235.76 - $239.99

Nokona Walnut H-Web 12 Inch W-V1200 Fastpitch Softball Glove
Sale Price: $234.00 - $299.95

Nokona Walnut Series 12" Baseball Glove
Sale Price: $239.95 - $350.97

Nokona Walnut Series Baseball Glove: W-1200 W-1200
Sale Price: $244.90 - $360.37

Nokona Walnut WB-1300 Fielding Glove (13") - RHT - WB-1300-RHT
Sale Price: $249.95

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Nokona 1275 Classic Walnut Series Glove
Time Remaining: 4h 15m

WS 1350C Right HandThrow Nokona Walnut 135 inch Slowpitch Softball Glove
Time Remaining: 16h 52m

2019 Nokona Walnut Baseball Baseball Glove 115 Glove W 1150
Time Remaining: 22h 18m

Brand New Nokona Walnut Baseball Mod Trap Glove W 1275M
Time Remaining: 1d 15h 5m

Nokona Classic Walnut 13 Baseball First Base Mitt RHT New
Time Remaining: 3d 15h 32m

W V1250C RightHandThrow Nokona Walnut W V1250C Softball Glove Right Hand Throw
Time Remaining: 3d 17h 28m

W V3250C RightHandThrow Nokona Walnut W V3250C Fastpitch Softball Catchers Mitt
Time Remaining: 3d 17h 28m

W 1200C RightHandThrow Nokona Walnut Series Baseball Glove W 1200C Right Hand Th
Time Remaining: 3d 17h 28m

WS 1350C Right Hand Throw Nokona Walnut 135 inch Softball Glove WS 1350C
Time Remaining: 3d 17h 28m

W 1150M RightHandThrow Nokona Walnut 115 Baseball Glove Mod Trap Web Right Hand
Time Remaining: 3d 17h 29m

Nokona Classic Walnut 115 Baseball Glove RHT New
Time Remaining: 4d 19h 31m

Nokona Walnut 115 Infield Baseball Glove W 1150
Time Remaining: 4d 19h 38m

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