Gold Glove

Rawlings Gold Glove Baseball Gloves

The Gold Glove Series is being taken to a new level with its new and improved pro soft leather, pro lace, moldable padding and authentic Rawlings pro patterns. As with the Gold Glove Award, this glove is for the player mastering defense. The Rawlings Gold Glove Series features patterns just like the pros wear, designed for each position: solid webs for pitchers, shallow pockets for middle infielders, and open webs for outfielders and infielders. The deer tanned cowhide palm and leather finger back linings help for strength, comfort and durability. (read more below listings)

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Time Remaining: 2h 53m

Rawlings Heart of Hide Gold Glove PRO601P LHT
Time Remaining: 10h 10m

Rawlings Made in USA Heart of the Hide Gold Glove PRO 6HFD Baseball Glove
Time Remaining: 10h 35m

Rawlings USA Heart of Hide HOF KEN GRIFFEY JR Gold Label Issued Baseball Glove
Time Remaining: 10h 50m

Rawlings Gold Glove GGP1000 312 Baseball Glove
Time Remaining: 12h 38m

Rawlings Gold Glove Elite Dual Core 12 Inch Baseball Glove GGE20BR Left Handed
Time Remaining: 13h 14m

Rawlings Gold Glove 1175 in Baseball Glove P RGG205 9B W Break in Kit NWT
Time Remaining: 16h 42m

Rawlings PRO2174 2CSL 115 Heart Of The Hide Gold Glove Club Baseball Glove New
Time Remaining: 18h 35m

Rawlings Heart of the Hide Left Handed Gold Baseball Glove ProTB24 1275
Time Remaining: 19h 16m

Rawlings Pro B Gold Glove Series Heart of the Hide BLEM USA RHT
Time Remaining: 20h 34m

Rawlings Gold Glove Elite GGE1275BCS 12 3 4 Glove Free Shipping
Time Remaining: 20h 59m

Rawlings Heart Of The Hide PRO 6XBC Gold Glove
Time Remaining: 1d 3h 43m

Rawlings Gold Glove Mod Trap 12 Baseball Glove
Time Remaining: 1d 8h 14m

Rawlings 115 Glove Pro Preferred Gold Labels 50th Anniversary PROS209 50 RHT
Time Remaining: 1d 8h 49m

Rawlings Gold Glove Collection NWT 1275 LHT Baseball RGG303 6B Left Heart Hide
Time Remaining: 1d 8h 53m

Rawlings Gold Glove custom1175 Heart of the HideBaseball Glove red
Time Remaining: 1d 9h 18m

RAWLINGS GOLD GLOVE GGCM325G Gamer Catchers Left Hand 325 Baseball 2tone Glove
Time Remaining: 1d 9h 28m

Rawlings Gold Glove Fielding Glove Left Hand Throw 1175 RGG205 9MO LHT
Time Remaining: 1d 9h 50m

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The patented laceless finger Holster with index finger pad adds comfort and protection. The Rawlings Gold Glove is perfect for anyone trying to improve their defensive play and who needs a tough durable glove that can take the hardships of playing defense. The moldable padding feature allows the player to shape the pocket based on the demands of his/her position. As with all Rawlings gloves, this Gold Glove has been made with the highest grade of quality and hand crafted leather. The Rawlings Gold Glove Series gloves are targeted for the elite players that need a game-ready glove or a glove that may require minimal break in time.


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