Rawlings Primo Baseball Gloves

Rawlings Primo Gloves are the Choice of the Pros
The Rawlings Primo Series combines quality and innovation to produce a new standard in the world of baseball gloves. With only a limited amount produced, the finely crafted Primo glove is the ultimate choice for baseball`s elite and soon-to-be elite. Primo is truly a masterpiece of design. Born in the Tuscany region of Italy, European full-grain leather is marked by a tight grain structure allowing for a flawless appearance. These gloves consist of two layers of the richest in Italian leather work together to create a pocket built for maximum performance and to provide durability and comfort. (Read more below product listings)

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Rawlings Primo PRM1179 12 Baseball Softball Glove Bag Right Hand Throw
Time Remaining: 2d 20h 24m

Rawlings Primo Series PRM1150S Right Hand Throw
Time Remaining: 8d 8h 34m

Rawlings Primo Pro Preferred Baseball Glove Mitt PRM1150T Leather
Time Remaining: 9d 4h 58m

2018 Rawlings Gold Glove PRIMO 1175 Infield Glove RGGNP5 2MO
Time Remaining: 13d 1h 49m

2018 Rawlings Gold Glove PRIMO 115 Narrow Fit Baseball Glove RGG314 2MO
Time Remaining: 13d 1h 49m

rawlings primo baseball glove infield pitcher 9 10 condition
Time Remaining: 22d 7h 31m

Italia Primo Rawlings Heart Of Hide Black Leather Baseball Glove Bag Empty
Time Remaining: 22d 13h 4m

Rawlings Italian Primo Glove PRM1125 I Web 1125 RHT Dual Core Hand Sewn Welt
Time Remaining: 23d 2h 25m

Rawlings Primo 1175 Italian Leather Baseball Pitching Infield Glove PRM1179
Time Remaining: 25d 10h 18m

Rawlings Primo PRM1150T 115 Baseball Softball Glove Right Hand Throw
Time Remaining: 29d 23h 4m

Strategically placed break points allow the glove to close according to your position`s demands. Additionally, hand sewn welting is placed along the outside of the glove eliminating the conjoining leather piece that would normally rub against your thumb. The third layer of Italian calf lining creates a luxuriously smooth feel unlike any other while the 100% wool padding adds an extra layer of cushion. Comfort without losing function. Primo leather and lacing undergoes an intensive hot-stuffed injection treatment that repels water and ensures durability. Additionally, the laces are tested to 100# tensile strength, creating a shape that endures all conditions. Finally, the Primo gloves provide superior comfort. The inner palm and lining adjust to the shape of the outer palm in order to absorb the impact of the ball.


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