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Rawlings Pro Preferred Baseball Gloves

The Rawlings Pro Preferred Series represents the new Gold Standard for gloves. Carefully crafted from the finest leather, this glove will break-in fast and easy. And for comfort, fit and durability, the Pro Preferred has no equal. It is used by numerous Major League ballplayers because of its durability and ability to be broken-in quickly. Pro Preferred Series gloves are easy to break in because of the Kip Leather which is soft and very durable. This Rawlings Pro Preferred series glove is Rawlings top of the line baseball glove. The index finger has gel pads covered by genuine deerskin lining for added protection. Genuine deerskin also is on the palm lining for comfort, fit and durability. The 100% wool padding ensures long-lasting wear and a custom fit with easier break in. The laces are pretested to 100 tensile strength for durability. Step up to a new glove and step up your game.

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Rawlings Pro Preferred 115 Baseball Glove PROS314 2BR
Time Remaining: 31m

Rawlings Pro Preferred 115 Baseball Glove PROS204 4C RH
Time Remaining: 55m

Rawlings Pro Preferred 115 Baseball Glove PROS204 2RTB
Time Remaining: 1h 5m

Rawlings Pro Preferred 115 Baseball Glove PROSNP4 2CMO
Time Remaining: 1h 11m

Rawlings Pro Preferred Anthony Rizzo 1275 Baseball First Base Glove PROSAR44 RH
Time Remaining: 1h 16m

Rawlings Pro Preferred 34 Baseball Catchers Glove PROSCM43RT
Time Remaining: 7h 46m

Rawlings Pro Preferred 13 Baseball First Base Glove PROSDCTC
Time Remaining: 7h 46m

Rawlings PRO PREFERRED PRO 302 6CB G Stanton 302 Pattern
Time Remaining: 16h 48m

Rawlings Pro Preferred PRO1000 4PRB Gold Labels H Web 1225
Time Remaining: 20h 11m

Time Remaining: 21h 13m

Rawlings Pro Preferred 13 Baseball First Base Glove PROSDCTC RH
Time Remaining: 22h 5m

Rawlings PRODJ2B Pro Preferred Glove 115
Time Remaining: 22h 40m

Rawlings Pro Preferred Fielding Glove 115 PROS204 6BC RHT
Time Remaining: 23h 11m

RARE Rawlings Pro Preferred Mocha 2 Piece 1175
Time Remaining: 23h 48m

Time Remaining: 1d 2h 44m

Rawlings Pro Preferred Customized Pitchers Glove Model pros206 9
Time Remaining: 1d 11h 56m

Rawlings Pro Preferred 50th Anniversary Limited Edition 1275
Time Remaining: 1d 16h 14m

Rawlings PROS314 20M Pro Preferred 314 Mint Baseball Glove 115 Right Hand Throw
Time Remaining: 1d 17h 33m

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