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Rawlings REVO Baseball Gloves

Introducing the REVO Series player specific gloves from Rawlings. Featuring Solid Core Technology, these gloves eliminate traditional lining, and instead use layers to cater to how a player catches the ball based on position and personal preference. These layers, combined with the absence of heel and palm lacing, result in a glove that is naturally easier to close and less time consuming to break in. The REVO design creates a preformed pocket that gives players a better feel and enhanced grip of the ball, giving new meaning to the phrase “fits like a glove”. Rawlings has divided these REVO gloves into three categories classified by pocket depth: Deep, Standard, and Flat.

REVO SOLID CORE 750 series baseball gloves are made for infielders, outfielders and pitchers in three pocket depths-flat, standard and deep-and are designed with a variety of web styles and color combinations.

REVO SOLID CORE 550 series gloves are the new benchmark for fast pitch softball gloves. Utility gloves, first baseman's mitts and catcher's mitts are available, all with a deep pocket.

REVO SOLID CORE 350 series baseball gloves are made for infielders, outfielders and pitchers and are designed with a variety of web styles.

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Rawlings Revo 7SC120PCD SC750 Solid Core 12 Baseball Glove Mitt RHT Gorgeous
Time Remaining: 1d 10m

New Rawlings 5SCCMM 550 Revo 34 fastpitch catchers mitt RHT baseball softball
Time Remaining: 1d 17h 56m

Rawlings Revo SC 750 7SC112CS 1125 Baseball Glove Mitt Leather Solid Core RHT
Time Remaining: 2d 58m

New Rawlings Revo 950
Time Remaining: 2d 58m

Rawlings Revo SC450 1225 Youth Trapeze Baseball Softball Glove Right Throw
Time Remaining: 3d 14h 50m

Rawlings REVO SC650 Baseball Glove 1st Base Glove Mitt LHT 6SC18FM Well Worn
Time Remaining: 3d 20h 48m

Rawlings Revo SC350 115 Baseball Softball Glove Right Hand Throw
Time Remaining: 6d 7h 55m

Rawlings Revo SC350 RHT 115 Baseball Softball Glove Mitt Right Hand Thrower
Time Remaining: 6d 22h 27m

Rawlings Revo SC350 Baseball Softball Glove Mitt RHT 125 12 1 2
Time Remaining: 7d 10h 59m

New Rawlings Revo 5SC120CD Fastpitch Softball Glove LHT 12 Brown LEFTY
Time Remaining: 7d 13h 23m

Rawlings Revo SC750 12 Baseball Glove Mitt 75C120C0 RHT Solid Core Technology
Time Remaining: 8d 23h 20m

Rawlings Revo SC950 Solid Core 9SC115CF 115 Baseball Glove Mitt RHT Amazing
Time Remaining: 10d 22h 47m

Rawlings Revo Baseball Glove lefthanded
Time Remaining: 11d 14h 20m

Rawlings REVO 350 Baseball Mitt Glove 12 3SC120TCS New w Tags
Time Remaining: 13d 2h 22m

Rawlings Revo SC750 1125 Youth Adult Baseball Glove Left Hand Throw
Time Remaining: 14d 16h 9m

Rawlings Revo 950 Pro H Web 1275 inch Outfield Baseball Glove Left Hand Throw
Time Remaining: 15d 19h 20m

Rawlings Revo SC650 33 Baseball Softball Catchers Mitt Right Hand Throw
Time Remaining: 18d 11h 13m

Rawlings Revo 750 Series 75C117CD 1175 Inch Deep 130 Ball Glove RH Throw
Time Remaining: 19d 14h 40m

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