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Spalding was founded in 1876 by Boston Red Stockings pitcher A.G. Spalding. Spalding has been a leader of innovation and quality in sporting goods ever since. Spalding has been credited with developing the very first official baseball, basketball, golf ball and football. A.G. Spalding was a very prominent and influential figure in baseball back in the early days of the game. He played for the Boston Red Stockings and in 1876 he left to play for the Chicago White Stockings, which would later become known as the Chicago Cubs. Spalding helped the White Stocking win the 1876 Inaugural National League Title. (Read more below product listings)

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Time Remaining: 1h 15m

Spalding 42 4012 Baseball Glove Mitt First Baseman Left Hand Throw Leather Vtg
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Spalding PR 1 115 Baseball 8337
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Spalding Jim Rice Pro Model 42 217 Advisory Staff Baseball Glove RHT Red Sox VTG
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Spalding Fielders Choice Baseball Glove 42 3956 Leather Right hand 115
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Very Rare SPALDING Coors Silver Glove 13 42 930 SIGNED GAYLORD PERRY Excellent
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Spalding 12 Competition Series 42 074 Baseball Glove Left Handed Thrower
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Spalding 12 1 2 Carl Yastrzemski 42 5376 Baseball Glove Left Handed Thrower
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Spalding Competition Series 42 053 Baseball Softball Mitt RHT Good Condition
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Spalding Leather Baseball Glove Fielders Choice 42 3955 For Right Handed Throw
Time Remaining: 2d 1h 13m

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After the start of the following season Spalding retired from his playing days to become a full time businessman and team president for the White Stockings. With an $800 loan from his mother Al Spalding opened up his own sporting goods company, which got its start by selling baseballs. Spalding’s baseballs became The Official Baseball of the National League, which gave him great advertising and exposure and people started to know Spalding Sporting Goods as quality products. As his company expanded Spalding started expanding into numerous outdoor activities and began developing golf clubs, tennis rackets, basketballs, and any other equipment needed for popular athletics at the time. Spalding sporting goods are now official products for many professional sports leagues and college conferences and amateur leagues.


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