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Vinci, manufacturer of high-quality baseball and softball equipment since 1997, was founded on a promise to a father that, “One day your name will be in the Big Leagues”. Pete Vinci, founder and President of Vinci, made this promise to his father, Benjamin Vinci. You will see his signature in every glove they manufacture as a tribute to a great man who continues to touch many to this day. Each model number is unique as it contains the initials of either family or friends who have touched the Vinci family. Pete, seeing his father battle Lou Gehrig’s Disease for years, saw firsthand the meaning of family. Pete still carries this with him to this day, and runs Vinci on the core values of honesty, quality and integrity. (Read more below product listings)

Vinci PC Series PCi125 White 12.5 Inch Fielders Glove White Color Left and Right Handed Thrower
Sale Price: $179.00

Vinci PJV-M with White/Black with Royal Blue Lace 13 inch
Sale Price: $229.00

Vinci Limited 13" Softball/Baseball Glove Red, White, & Blue Right Handed Thrower
Sale Price: $229.00

Custom Limited or Mesh Series Fielders Glove
Sale Price: $289.00

Vinci CP Kip TJ1952-L: 13.5Ó Dual Post Web with Flex-Closed Back in Black
List Price: $279.00
Sale Price: $209.00

Baseball Glove model JBV04 Vinci Black/White: 13 inch Kip Leather First Base Mitt Reinforced Dual Post Web
Sale Price: $199.00

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Free 1 Day Left Hand Thrower Vinci PJV0416 L Limited Series 1275 Baseball Glove
Time Remaining: 13h 21m

Free 1 Day Air Vinci Pro JC3300 L Red Limited Series 115 Baseball Glove New
Time Remaining: 13h 24m

Custom Vinci PC Series 12 Inches White Black Mesh Gray Lace
Time Remaining: 18h 10m

Vinci Pro Limited Series JC3300 L Black and Tan 115 inch Baseball Glove
Time Remaining: 18h 10m

Vinci Pro Mesh Series BMB OB White with Black Mesh Baseball Glove 13 inch
Time Remaining: 18h 10m

Vinci Pro Limited Series JV21 L Black and Tan 115 inch Baseball Glove
Time Remaining: 18h 10m

Vinci Pro 22 Series Mesh Back JC3333 22 Baseball Glove Black with Yellow Lace 11
Time Remaining: 18h 10m

Vinci Pro 22 Series BV1945 22 Baseball Softball Glove 135 inch
Time Remaining: 18h 10m

Vinci Pro Limited Series RV1961 L Tan Dual Web Baseball Glove 1275 Inch
Time Remaining: 18h 11m

Vinci PC Whiteout Glove PCH1325
Time Remaining: 18h 14m

Vinci Optimus fielding glove
Time Remaining: 2d 39m

Vinci Pro 22 Series AB7400 22 Black with White Lace 13 inch Baseball Glove
Time Remaining: 3d 1h 30m

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He inspects every glove before it goes on a shelf. When you wear a Vinci, you are part of our family. Vinci softball gloves and baseball fielder's gloves are the highest in quality, durability, style and performance. Made from only the best US steer hide and kip leathers. Several professionals train and play with Vinci CP model baseball gloves, CPII and Kip Series. Their CPII line of gloves was introduced to meet the needs of the price conscious utilizing our high quality design and make, but in a softer leather, allowing for quicker break-in time and adequate for youth.


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