Wilson A1000 Series Gloves

The Wilson A1000 series is made from the exclusive ECCO Leather. This is one of the highest grade game-ready leathers available. The A1000 series gloves also offer the new Dri-Lex technology. This Dri-Lex technology is an ultra-breathable wrist lining that transfers moisture away from the skin, keeping your hand cool and dry. A1000 series gloves also feature the patented Dual Welting system that offers a pre-curved finger design that helps maintain a stable and durable pocket. The Dual Welting technology is a patented design used exclusively by Wilson in the United States. Sorbothane, the new technology offered on the new A1000 series gloves, allows the shock-absorbing index pad to reduce the pressure on the hand while still allowing for maximum feel for the ball. This glove also offers the new Slotback design that provides the support and stability of a closed back, but with the flexibility and control of an open back. All patterns are endlessly field tested and constantly improved by hundreds of professional and top amateur players.

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Wilson 2019 A1000 125 Outfield Fastpitch Glove Left Hand Throw
Time Remaining: 8h 23m

2020 Wilson WTA10RF19INF12 12 A1000 Fastpitch Softball Glove Infield
Time Remaining: 8h 23m

Wilson A1000 KP92 125 Baseball Glove Left
Time Remaining: 11h 42m

2020 Wilson A1000 Infield 1786 Baseball Glove 115 WTA10RB201786 Right Hand
Time Remaining: 14h 38m

Wilson A1000 1175 Baseball Glove WTA10RB191787 Bat Right Hand Thrower
Time Remaining: 16h 10m

Wilson A1000 33 Catchers Mitt WTA10RB19CM33 Bat Right Hand Thrower
Time Remaining: 16h 10m

Wilson A1000 12 Fastpitch Softball Glove WTA1019P12 Bat Right Hand Thrower
Time Remaining: 16h 11m

Wilson A1000 DP15 115 Baseball Glove WTA10RB19DP15
Time Remaining: 19h 42m

Wilson A1000 1786 115 Baseball Glove WTA10RB201786
Time Remaining: 19h 58m

Wilson A1000 V125 125 Womens Fastpitch Softball Glove WTA10LF19V125
Time Remaining: 20h 34m

Wilson A1000 Baseball Glove Softball A 1000 Made In USA Vintage Old American MLB
Time Remaining: 21h 2m

Wilson A1000 All Positions 115 Baseball Glove RH WTA10RB181789
Time Remaining: 1d 9h 3m

2020 Wilson A1000 Fastpitch Softball Glove 125 WTA10RF19V125 Right Hand
Time Remaining: 1d 11h 12m

2020 Wilson A1000 Fastpitch Softball Catchers Glove 33 WTA10RF19CM33 Right Hand
Time Remaining: 1d 11h 15m

2019 Wilson A1000 FPV125 125 Fastpitch Glove
Time Remaining: 1d 14h 59m

Wilson A1000 Series 12 WTA10LF19P12 Fastpitch Softball Glove Left Hand Thrower
Time Remaining: 1d 16h 31m

Wilson A1000 Series 125 WTA10LF19V125 Fastpitch Softball Glove Left Thrower
Time Remaining: 1d 16h 31m

Wilson A1000 Baseball Glove 1125 Inches RHT
Time Remaining: 2d 12h 29m

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